Saturday, 22 October 2011

Good morning...even if it was early

Travelled down to the motel this morning for my 6.30am yes that's right 6.30am meet with Jeff, we were fishing for 7.30 ish and by wrapping up time at 12 noon we had managed 12 fish (7 to Jeff) up to approx 18lbs and I had lost 4, which serves me right for saying in the van on the way that I hadn't lost a fish all week.
All our fish were taken on the polaris float, a great way to catch the carp and a break from simply listening to the alarms. Thanks Jeff for the session, throughly enjoyed as always.

Brian my neighbour has just been round for a beer and a chat, arrangements made for golf on Tuesday at Upper Canada, can't wait.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bad weather approaches

evidently so today I returned to yesterdays swim, result was 4 fish to 19-6, every fish was pristine and they fought hard all the way to the net. It is easy to forget that we are in October and within a couple of months the whole system will be completely frozen over. Tomorrow is work in the house and garden before my next session on Friday with Jeff.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

What a bummer....................then

Took my time getting ready this morning, spoke to my son Joe on skype and had a long chat with an old friend known to most who follow this blog.....Cahal Daly who now lives in Australia before setting off for Long Sault. Called in at the motel to see Colin as he was returning home today then set off to the swim I fished last night. Would you believe it, one other bloody carper on the whole of the parkway and he is in the swim I was going to fish. All plans out of the window I jumped from one place to another but couldn't get settled. Finally I decided to fish the first bridge and as the wind was howling into the 'back door' I would at least be sheltered. Just got all the gear in place when it started to rain and rain and rain, the wind changed direction and whistled through the bridge and I had all on the keep the brolly in place. After about an hour the rod hooped over and I was into a fish, it fought hard in the current and when finally in the net looked like a good fish. It took the scales to 22-4.....result. Nearly a hour later I was in again, this time a 21-8 was on board, by this time the wind was so bad I had no option but to pack up but wasn't that bothered as the session had turned out good in the end. I might be on the bank tomorrow depending on the weather..............I am on holiday after all LOL.

Nice short session

On sunday I decided to take a trip down to Long Sault for a short afternon session into dark. The wind was a strong south westerly and there was a swim which I had been wanting to fish for quite a while and the wind was just right blowing from left to right. I started fishing at approximately 3.15pm and within 10 minutes had a 11-2 in the net, this was followed by two more of 16lbs and one at 14, nothing big but satisfying for a cool October day . I packed up at 6.30pm after putting in the remaining corn ready for the next morning

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Heatwave over

The weather has broken here now and the weather is wet, windy but mild, hopefully just what the fish will want. Been for a game of golf to Upper Canada which is always a pleasant experience and on thursday night fished from 5pm to 10pm and managed 2 fish, one going 18-12 the other one about 12lbs.
Word has it that the carp are starting to feed so Monday may see the first proper session down at the Dam, I'm already looking forward to it.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Holiday weekend

It's thanksgiving weekend over here with Monday being a holiday day, took the temperature on the decking at 1.30pm today and it read 90 yes 90 degrees. Don't think I'll bother with the fishing till next week when it is supposed to get back to normal temps.


Went for my first session yesterday, fished Hoople on the float which usually guarantees fish....11.30 to 5.30pm nothing, zilch apart from one run which was probably a liner. Only saw 3 fish break surface in the time I was there. The weather is more like August than October at the moment and the anglers are struggling everywhere.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Today the tree guys are here to take out another 4 trees, this morning is a beautiful cool, crisp day without a cloud in the sky. Had a ride down to the motel last evening, fishing is very slow at the minute and has been through September so fingers crossed for an improvement there then.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

If carlsberg did airports...................................

They certainly wouldn't have done Montreal. So you have sat on a plane for 7.1/2 hrs, been on the go for a total of 17 and you then end up in a queue with nearly a thousand people waiting to go through immigration..............deep bloody joy. Anyway after about 1.1/2hrs I finally got to pick up my luggage and meet up with my neighbour Brian who had kindly come through to pick me up.
Surely it's not rocket science to stagger incoming aircraft so that this ridiculous situation doesn't occur or perhaps they just don't give a toss. Either way something needs to be done, maybe next time it might be a flight to Ottawa.