Friday, 30 September 2011

House Renovations

From left to right

November 2007, May 2010, September 2011

September saw what is probably the final modification to the outside of the Canada house with installation of new sidings to try and make the property more modern looking.......we think we have achieved that and are pleased with the results. I am back over on the 3rd October for 3 weeks to close down the house for the winter, do a bit of decorating and hopefully catch a few carp and if I'm really lucky some other species.

Monday, 19 September 2011

New York, New York

Finished off our holiday with a trip to New York City, after a steady 9 hour drive most of which was through endless woodland, we arrived for our short two night stay on Staten Island we took the ferry across to New York city, this must be the best free…..yes free ride in the world, taking 20mins and passing by the Statue of Liberty before docking at Manhattan. We took the two tours up-town and downtown where we saw most of the sights, saw the park and finished off with a visit to Ground Zero where they are busy re-building the site, but nothing can prepare you for the true sadness you feel as you go round and massive waste of life caused by the terrorist attack. New York has made a lasting impression on me and i certainly aim to return again soon.