Tuesday, 16 March 2010

One last cast

Out on the Derbyshire Derwent on the last day of the season with my son Joe and good mates Steve, Ian and Tony. A bacon sandwich in the local café preceded the short trip to a beautiful stretch of the river, having not fished in the UK much this season I was looking forward to a day of trotting for the grayling.
Boy was I rusty as it soon became apparent that any fish to grace my net would either be very young, stupid or down right greedy, the former emerged as I managed a couple of very juvenile grayling which were safely returned to the river. Joe however managed a nice trout and his first grayling plus a bonus tree which he somehow managed to hook numerous times and caused Steve and myself ½ hr of grief trying to safely release it.
The other boys fared much better having caught plenty and at the death I managed a nice rainbow on Steves’ rod before having to leave them mid afternoon to visit my mother in Barnsley.
All in all a lovely day spent with mates in beautiful surroundings made me realise that I must make an effort this coming season to fish more whilst I am over here

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Meeting up with friends old and new

Last weekend saw me on the banks of the River Severn at Hampton Loade along with members of BFW (Barbel Fishing World). I like these get-togethers as it is a chance to meet up with old friends and make new acquaintances, this year was no different. Which is just as well as the fishing was, lets say, a tad on the slow side.

We had booked a cottage nearby which was made all the more welcoming in that Saturday nights temp reached –7 (so I am told)…….not a night to be under the stars in a bivvy like some were. We had a cracking night in the pub where our southern buddies tried in vain to master the local beers, unfortunately and very funnily they failed miserably. For a more in depth review of the weekend click on Conrads blog (how's the arms matey)

Back in the U.K.

Back from Canada and the wall to wall Olympics which you would expect as they were after all the host country, congrats must go to the Canadian Hockey teams (men and women) for carrying off the gold medals in great style, if there is a faster more physical game anywhere I will be amazed.

The flight back was a nightmare, delayed for a supposed 40 mins which became an hour and fourty minutes we eventually landed at Heathrow two hours late, fortunately Julie had pre-empted us missing our train and drove down to pick us up bless her.

Prospects look good for the fishing this year as the ice is well on the melt with some areas already accessible and by April, the carp should have their heads down for a good feed after the big freeze.