Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Full of good intentions

Ventured out yesterday onto the local canal, intention was to have a few hours out and use up some old maggots I had left in the fridge, two hours in and I was bloody freezing. With only a couple of perch to show for my efforts, packed up and went home. Must be getting old, the days of sitting on a bank white with frost with Mr Richardson for company seems decades ago.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Merry Christmas everyone

6 months on without a post, time to make an effort then.

Holidays booked for next year and first off its a trip to the house in Canada on 8th Jan with all the family apart from Joe as he wants to stay at home (max our dog will look after him). He takes his driving test on Wednesday (Joe that is), fingers crossed that dads' taxi may be made redundant at last although with the cost of Car Insurance for young drivers these days going through the roof, a taxi might not be a bad idea.

April 30th and I am back out to Canada for 2 months, big plans on the fishing front for some overnighters and hopefully big fish, Julie is joining me for the last 2 weeks so it might be another trip to the big apple or up to Quebec which I am told is a lovely place. We may well be retired by then.

Here at home I have actually been river fishing as a guest of my mate Steve who now lives on the banks of the Severn, stayed a couple of nights and caught a couple of barbel and some decent sized bream, since then I have joined the club so look forward to a few more visits before seasons end, it really is a lovely stretch of river.

So that's that apart from.................

Best wishes to all for a merry xmas and may santa bring you all you ask for

Monday, 25 June 2012

The last session

Out early on Saturday morning, the temps were slightly cooler however so was the fishing, not many fish topping and by 12 noon I only had a 15lber to show for my efforts. Returned back to the marina and loaded up the boat to take back to the house as the curtain came down on another holiday. After arriving safely back at the house, I bagged up all the cooked corn and put it in the freezer and washed out all the buckets. Job done.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Good day, good company nice score.............

at Glengarry Golf Club, Alexandria on Thursday, went with three of my neighbours Don, Dick and Lusianne. Tee off was 9.30am and thanks to a nice cooling breeze the high temperature was just about bareable. We had a great time with plenty of laughs and no end of ribbing (all the best possible taste of course) stopped off after nine holes for refreshments before a few beers at the conclusion of the round, really enjoyed it boys we must do it again sometime, oh did I say I shot 73.

Tough going even in Canada

Made an early start on Wednesday morning and arrived on the bank around 5.30am, conditions seemed quite favourable although even at this time the temps were beginning to rise, I only had 2 runs all morning resulting in one fish around 15lbs and another at 20-6, it was so hot by 1pm that my shoulders were burning even under my tee shirt meaning the brolly had to be put to use to give some shade. Canada is without doubt a fantastic carp fishery but they behave just like at home and if the conditions are not right then they will not play matter how hard you try. Golf tomorrow (Thursday) no more fishing planned until saturday.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Confined to shore

Didn't go out Tuesday evening due to the wind strength, had a couple of beers and a burger at Grumpies instead, hoping for an early start tomorrow morning until luchtime by which time it will be very very hot according to the forecast.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New swim comes good

After going out Sunday and pre-baiting the new swim, Monday morning saw me leaving the Marina at 6am arriving on location 15 minutes later. Secured the boat and was met by a welcoming committee of mossies, no problem I thought, get sprayed up with repellant and all is well, better if said repellant is in the bag though rather than back at the house...........oh well. Anway while setting up a couple of fish crashed out over the baited area and with great anticipation that a new swim brings I cast out, not long later the polaris sailed away and shortly after a mirrror of around ten pounds was in the net. Over the next hour or so a further three small fish followed so I switched over to the lead and boilie to try and attract the bigger fish. Result was a beautiful female of 23lbs-12 ozs and to cap off a good day, my first 30 of the season weighing in at     32lbs-12ozs. Total fish for the session 9 so not bad for the first visit. Unfortunately the pictures didn't come out due to the camera developing a malfunction which is a big disappointment as she was such a lovely fish.
I am contemplating going out late afternoon today and fishing into dark, the temperatures over here are in the mid 20's C with tomorrow set for 33 (feeling like 41) so evenings may be the way to go, there are a lot of fish around that area so hopes are for some further good results

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot

Arrived in Cornwall on Tuesday and the weather has been great since, temps in the mid 80's have been fine for sunbathing but combined with the east wind are not condusive for good fishing. The van passed its drive-clean test and I was able to tax it, drove down to the tackle shop and obtained my licence then did numerous jobs around the house for the last few starts Sunday with an early start to take the boat down to the marina and then it out to a mark for pre-baiting ready for a serious session on Monday. South west winds are forecast so with a little luck the fish should have a go.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Here's Ollie

Oliver Jack Wingfield Born 6th June 2012

Thursday, 7 June 2012

It's a boy

Oliver Jack Wingfield weighed in at 7lbs - 7ozs last night both mother and baby are well and I am now officially a very proud grandad. Congratulations Richard and Alison, you have made mum and dad very happy. Photos to follow.
Is it really 6 months since my last post, time really does fly by but hey ho Tuesday will see me off to Canada for 2 weeks, so much to do with the house, the garden, the car,  question is will there be time for any fishing??? maybe I will be able to get a few evening sessions in, I will keep you posted.