Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Full of good intentions

Ventured out yesterday onto the local canal, intention was to have a few hours out and use up some old maggots I had left in the fridge, two hours in and I was bloody freezing. With only a couple of perch to show for my efforts, packed up and went home. Must be getting old, the days of sitting on a bank white with frost with Mr Richardson for company seems decades ago.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Merry Christmas everyone

6 months on without a post, time to make an effort then.

Holidays booked for next year and first off its a trip to the house in Canada on 8th Jan with all the family apart from Joe as he wants to stay at home (max our dog will look after him). He takes his driving test on Wednesday (Joe that is), fingers crossed that dads' taxi may be made redundant at last although with the cost of Car Insurance for young drivers these days going through the roof, a taxi might not be a bad idea.

April 30th and I am back out to Canada for 2 months, big plans on the fishing front for some overnighters and hopefully big fish, Julie is joining me for the last 2 weeks so it might be another trip to the big apple or up to Quebec which I am told is a lovely place. We may well be retired by then.

Here at home I have actually been river fishing as a guest of my mate Steve who now lives on the banks of the Severn, stayed a couple of nights and caught a couple of barbel and some decent sized bream, since then I have joined the club so look forward to a few more visits before seasons end, it really is a lovely stretch of river.

So that's that apart from.................

Best wishes to all for a merry xmas and may santa bring you all you ask for