Friday, 8 July 2011


for not keeping the blog update but here goes. Since the last post we had a session on the back door of the first bridge and managed 12 fish with the best one of 24.4 to Joe, we have had a couple of sessions on the Power Dam which have produced quite a few 20's to 24lb but nothing bigger. Julie has arrived and thankfully the weather is on the warm side so no complaints on that front. On Wednesday we got caught in a massive thunderstorm at at the dam and had to pack up at 9am as we were both wet through despite having a was a shame really as I had already caught a 24.4, a 21 and another scraper 20 and we had lost 2, the indications were that it could have been a good day but never mind. Another storm hit in the afternoon so the decision to come home wasn't a bad one.
Yesterday Thursday was a golf day with 3 friends at Cornwall Golf and Country Club, shot 78 which wasn't bad, then we were down to the Blue Anchor Restaurant on the waterfront for a lovely meal and a few beers.