Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The weather today was lovely, after a frosty start the sun came out...............time for a game of golf I thought. Nipped down to the local club and after a practice on the range I went out for 18 holes, unwisely I played off the back markers which, due to the wet conditions was a real test of my long game but was thoroughly enjoyable if a tad tiring. I was round in 3 hours and back home by 4.15pm.........time for tea.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Final Fling

Decided to have a last bash on Sunday evening, prospects didn't look good to be fair as the air temp was deteriorating day by day but, as they say, you never know. Anyway I got to the dam at around 3pm, Peter a local carper was there and had caught 2 fish during the day. I fished from 4pm till 8.30pm and had 1 run which resulted in a carp of 19.3/4lbs, the air temp at packing up time was 3.8 degrees, I must admit that I felt a slight amount of satisfaction in that I had caught in difficult conditions.