Friday, 29 October 2010

A lesson from the master

Fished last evening from 4.30 to 8.30 with Jeff who owns the Canadian Carp Club in Long Sault, me, well I had the first run but lost the fish to a broken hook length (first time ever) after that it was the Jeff show as he banked three fish of 12, 28 and very plump 33.5, an excellent performance in such a short session. The temperatures are set to drop from now on so the rods may get put away till next season but we'll see.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

What a strange session

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Tuesday afternoon saw me heading down to the Power Dam, the weather forecasters had got it spot on, after a cloudy start the sun had started to break through and it was getting much warmer. I arrived at my drop off point as due to the walk being fairly long we drop the gear halfway before parking up the car. The fox sorry walmart barrow comes in useful here. On arrival at the swim I took the water temp 12.4 degrees with the air temp coming in at a sultry 23, not bad for October. I set up the mountains of gear and prepared myself for what I hoped would be a good nights fishing. I didn't expect action straight away, but the occasional carp showing on the surface did get the blood pressure rising, After approx 2hrs I picked up the rod to recast and felt something pulling back, thinking I had foul-hooked a carp I brought the fish to the bank only to find a 8lb musky had attacked the yellow boilie on the retrieve...............well at least a blank had been avoided. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful other than a couple of locals fishing for walleye, then at 5pm I had my first run but lost it to a hook pull (bugger) then lost another one shortly afterwards and a third well into dark went the same way. It was my intention to have a rod out through the night but around midnight the rain started so I made the decision to reel in and fish at first light.

7am and after a night of heavy rain and strong winds, the bivvy had passed with flying colours and there was now a lovely sunrise to behold. Within 15 minutes I had a run, picked the rod up and it was soon evident that this was a good fish, taking line at will and it was a good fifteen minutes before it was ready for the net.............oh yes it was a good fish but unfortunately hooked in the tail, I weighed it at an ounce under 30lbs, took the customary photo and sent her on her way. I fished on until 11am but with no further action decided to pack away and go home as I had been invited for dinner by friends across the street later that evening, on the way back I made a slight detour to see Jeff who runs the Canadian Carp Club, he had just returned from a trip to the Frazier River sturgeon fishing. We made arrangements to meet up Thurs evening for a session on the dam into's hoping

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Prepping for the winter

Today I went down to Long Sault to pick the boat up to bring it back to the house for the winter. The events earlier in the year have really knocked my confidence with regard the pulling the trailer, however I reached home without mishap and after winterising the outboard, the boat was sheeted up until May. Temperatures here are on the rise and believe it or not are set to hit a balmy 19 degrees on Tuesday.................a night session looms Tuesday night, watch this space.

Back across the pond

After an uneventful flight (apart from the customery 1 hour delay), I arrived in Cornwall on Thursday evening. Didn't do much on Friday and spent Saturday watching the soccer as we get a couple of prem league matched every week, then I had a drive down to the Power Dam where they have finally opened the visitor centre. I must say though that is very interesting and informative, going into great detail explaining how the dam operates, the history of the area and the mohawk indians and the way they were disrespected during the contruction, so much so that a letter of apology was issued to them eventually. We haven't been able to fish down there for the last 18 months, but now all the work is done we can finally get access to what is probably the best area of all.

Monday, 4 October 2010


Well done to the European team for lifting the Ryder Cup and bring it back to where it belongs. The USA tried hard and made a fist of it, but to be honest was the result ever in doubt ??. How those boys produce the level of golf under that pressure is amazing. Well done Monty and the boys you were fantastic.

Rain and rain and rain and...........................

Friday morning 9am and I'm heading to Wazzys' house en-route to the BFW fish-in organised by Chris Pearson and being held at Fiskerton on the River Trent. We had a great time despite the crappy weather. Chris did a sterling job in organising the event which raised £600 for Sue Ryder Care, the cheque being collected by the Barnsley AC president.
On the fishing front, I caught 2 eels, Wazzy caught 3 (edited) Barbel (clever git) and we sampled the beer at the local pub which was so nice on Friday that we were forced to go back for more on Saturday. Hobby made an appearance and offered loads of advice and gave us a lift to the pub, Steve (Richardson) joined us for a beer on Saturday, it was great to meet up with him again and he fished into dark with me. However the river was rising rapidly and with tons of weed coming down fishing was becoming near impossible, so to all those who suceeded I salute you.....well done.
Packing up on Sunday morning was horrendous in the rain and my thanks go to wazzy for his help.
That could be it for me now on the fishing front until I go back to Canada on the 21st, I am looking to doing a couple of night sessions this time, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.