Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Holiday Monday

Monday was a holiday here in Ontario so after a lie in (9am), we spent the day tootling around the house before taking the car to the car wash. Elliot, Marion and Jeffs nephew was coming out today from the UK so we headed down to Grumpies in the evening to welcome him back.

A day in the water

Sunday saw us up early as we headed down to Long Sault to pick up the boat for a session off one of the islands. When we reached the spot there were fish all over the finder so we deposited some cracked corn over the mark hoping they would get their heads down. We were sat in the water casting 60 yds into 20ft plus and by the end of the session we had done ok managing 12 fish but losing the same amount in the bank of weed in front of us. Nothing big with the best scraping 16lbs. It was a great day to be out though, 34 degrees plus and a slight breeze.......catching was a bonus. God I love this place.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

It's not all fishing and golf you know

Saturday saw 'kitchen duties' taking down the old units ready for new ones to go in their place, we went down to Long Sault in the afternoon and took the boat out to feed our swim and then we threw a few spinners about to no avail, still the weather was marvellous and there aren't many better places to spend a few hours than on the lovely St.Lawrence Seaway.

It's's off

Fished 'the bridge' on Friday morning 5.30 till 11 am, one fish caught and 11 yes 11 lost, sharp hooks but maybe too long hairs. We had loads of sharp quick runs which stopped abruptly before you could get to the rod and one one occasion all the bait had been stripped of the hair. I have some ideas which I intend to try out next time.