Monday, 20 September 2010

A nice end to the holiday

We had decided to have the last 2 days at Niagara Falls, I had been before with Joe but Julie hadn't seen them. It is all very commercialised now but thankfully not around the main event. For anyone who gets the chance to visit do so, they are really worth seeing. Julie took this photo from the sky tower which is around 200ft high, Joe went with her as I get dizzy 10ft off the floor. After spending Wenesday and Thursday taking in the sights, it was time to return to Toronto and our journey home. Not long till 21st October though and my return to Cornwall for 2 weeks

Is it really.....................

over a month since I last posted, apologies to those few who look in. I didn't do much fishing for the rest of the holiday, I went back to the island for a session and whilst I hooked plenty of fish, the weed was a real problem and so after losing more than I caught and worrying about the ever increasing wind (due to being in the boat) I packed up by 11am. Once again no fish got anywhere near a 20 which is very surprising, still that's fishing.