Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New swim comes good

After going out Sunday and pre-baiting the new swim, Monday morning saw me leaving the Marina at 6am arriving on location 15 minutes later. Secured the boat and was met by a welcoming committee of mossies, no problem I thought, get sprayed up with repellant and all is well, better if said repellant is in the bag though rather than back at the house...........oh well. Anway while setting up a couple of fish crashed out over the baited area and with great anticipation that a new swim brings I cast out, not long later the polaris sailed away and shortly after a mirrror of around ten pounds was in the net. Over the next hour or so a further three small fish followed so I switched over to the lead and boilie to try and attract the bigger fish. Result was a beautiful female of 23lbs-12 ozs and to cap off a good day, my first 30 of the season weighing in at     32lbs-12ozs. Total fish for the session 9 so not bad for the first visit. Unfortunately the pictures didn't come out due to the camera developing a malfunction which is a big disappointment as she was such a lovely fish.
I am contemplating going out late afternoon today and fishing into dark, the temperatures over here are in the mid 20's C with tomorrow set for 33 (feeling like 41) so evenings may be the way to go, there are a lot of fish around that area so hopes are for some further good results

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