Saturday, 25 March 2017

My next venture

Three years ago I added my name to the waiting list for an allotment in Royston, close to where I live and closer to my eldest sons house, in November last year I got word through that there was a plot with my name on it waiting for me, great I thought something to keep me occupied.....oh yes, it certainly will do that.  The following pictures are a record of my work from November 2016 until now March 2017. I hope you like what I have done.
This is what I have taken over, 4 years of neglect.....where to start
First job was to start and remove the long cane like extensions of the weeds, I found a bathtub and a load of pallets, nice start

Once all the rubbish was cleared, at least I could see the floor, still loads to move but hey ho we are getting there.
First start on the digging, fist with the spade and then with the fork taking out the weeds as we go. Fortunately most of the weeds have a very shallow root growth and are therefore easy to remove. The dock leaves are a different story

Tried a touch of weed suppression but it didn't seem to work
Took some time off from the digging to put up a fence and gate. must admit that it exceeded all expectations.

Shed down and top end cleared away

Raspberries Canes and Blueberry Bushes

Where we are now, half the plot has been double dug and weeded, the rotovator will be on next week so we will have an area reading for planting, left hand side needs weeding and digging over but  pretty pleased really in the space of 4 months, hope you like it.


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