Friday, 23 May 2014

Monday 19th June

An early start saw me leaving the marina at around 6am, by the time I had reached the swim and set up it was around 7.15am, conditions were very good with a west wind blowing straight into me and no rain forecast, the only concern was that the water temp was only 52 so that needed to improve. It wasn't long before the first fish came over the net and at 23-6 was the first 20 of the trip. Strangely that was the only fish until lunchtime but as the water warmed up so did the fishing. By the end of the session with the thermometer reading 60 degrees, I had caught 16 fish including another at 22-2 but as is the norm in mid may, most of the fish were mid to upper doubles, I packed up at 4.30 and the fish were still feeding but hey there's always another day.

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