Saturday, 1 May 2010

Preparation day 1

Friday, the first the boat ready, put the motor on and gave it a test. Thankfully it started first time so I then went down to the corn supplier and purchased two 40kgs sacks of maize, started to soak the first sack ready for the prebait and I already had some in the freezer which had been thawed out ready.
The swim I had in mind was one we had been over before when we had the big boat, on arrival the fishfinder showed 9ft at around 50 yds gradually shelving up towards the bank, I put the marker in and deposited a large bucket of maize around the area and as the water is clear you could see the yellow corn on the bottom, question is will it be there tomorrow when I return ??. Called in to see Marion Jeff and Colin at the Canadian Carp Club then we went to Grumpies (the local and only bar) for some tea and beverage before going home.


  1. Dave,

    Any fish showing on the finder whilst out in the boat?

  2. Hi Dave

    There were a few showing but not large numbers