Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Not all a bed of roses

Went down to Long Sault early this morning (Monday), on arrival the wind was pushing straight into the bank and I saw a couple of fish show on my walk down to the swim. One fish caught and one lost in the first ten mintes made me think it was going to be a good day. After about an hour Colin arrived with Lee, the guest of CCC, he had been fishing another swim when a couple of EE's appeared, yes they're here too. Despite there not being enough room for them they pushed their way into his swim and on catching a carp........promply bumped it on the head and deposited it in a bin liner. Utterly and not surprisingly disgusted by the whole episode Lee packed up and Colin came for him, after giving them a piece of his mind, he brought Lee to my swim.
Being the gentleman that I am, I made room for Lee and for the next 4 hours I took on the role of ghillie as he totally outfished me. No problem there, it was his last day before flying home later this afternoon......hope you had a pleasant trip mate.

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